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Alexander Faubel

Founder and Lead Facilitator

As founder and main facilitator, Alexander wants to share with each guest the gift he himself has received through doing this work: true connection with oneself.

Hi, I’m Alexander.

I spent most of my life searching for something I couldn’t really describe. 

In my early 20s, I believed I had created the life of my dreams. A highly paid job, good health, many friends, luxurious holidays, a loving partnership and more.  

But there was an inner feeling, a gentle voice telling me that something was wrong or that I was missing something crucial, and I could not explain what it was.

My first encounters with psychedelics steadily strengthened this feeling and made me look deeper into my inner world – to the point where I could no longer look away, and finally found the courage to face my past and my shadows.

My first ayahuasca experience was the real beginning of the journey back to my Self. I recognized that for years I had been running from my emotional pain, too fearful to turn and face the truth behind it.

Years of therapy, shadow work, coaching, trauma work and teachings from the greatest master of all, Silence, followed.Through my own years of healing and intense search for a life without suffering and doubt, psychedelics and plants as therapeutic tools were my most important teachers. One of the greatest insights was the need to re-establish the missing connection to my body, so that I could finally feel again a sense of true connection on the outside to other people and to life.

Now I want to share this gift with other people, to support healing in the collective, since individuals committed to their own healing will in turn heal families and communities. 

I am happy to be able to hold a safe space for you as a guide and coach at our retreats, as you courageously welcome your shadow parts, accept your vulnerability and experience healing while being held in love and compassion.

Charlotte Nicholson

Yoga, Meditation, Breathwork

Charlotte came to this work following a deep desire to share with you the tools that have proved most powerful on my own healing journey. 

Hi, I’m Charlotte. 

I come from the UK and oversee Essentia Retreats’ body-breath-mind practice program. 

I was married, had a big, well-paid job as a documentary producer in London, a lovely house, expensive holidays – you name it. On paper, my life looked perfect. So why did I feel stuck, adrift, unfulfilled? Fast forward a few years and I was divorced, had re-trained as a yoga teacher and was heading into the Amazon jungle to an ayahuasca retreat, which proved to be completely transformative.

I am a 500 hours-plus certified senior yoga, breathwork and meditation teacher. I specialise in Tantric Hatha Yoga, a comprehensive system for integrating all layers of our being; Yin Yoga, which releases deep tension patterns and energetic blockages; Yoga Nidra or ‘yogic sleep’, which facilitates profound rest and cognitive regeneration; and trauma-informed Yoga, developed by psychiatrists, neuroscientists and other clinicians, in partnership with yoga teachers, working with communities affected by PTSD.  

My teaching brings these millennia-old Eastern sciences together with the latest insights from Western peer-reviewed clinical research into the effects of body-breath-mind practices on mental health and psychological wellbeing. 

During plant medicine healing, these modalities can bring stability and support safe trauma release. Our program ensures you will be well-resourced for your ceremony long before you arrive at the retreat, and while on retreat, my sessions empower you with practical tools to surrender to the experience yet remain grounded. 

 It will be a privilege to hold space for you, and I look forward to walking beside you on this journey. 

Andreas Lackmann

Facilitator and Microdosing Coach

Andreas is a passionate hobby mycologist, coach for personality and consciousness development and brings boundless energy to every retreat.

Hello, I am Andreas.

My inner journey started 10 years ago. I tried out many methods of self-development, including psychedelics, which helped me a great deal through a difficult period of depression. During the course of my own explorations and research, I found myself asked by many other people to guide them through their work with psychedelics, in order that they could better relax into the experience and connect with themselves. This drew me to want to facilitate larger groups in retreat settings.

Having confronted my own traumas and supported many others in facing theirs, I would be honoured to accompany you on your journey, offering support and orientation. Along with our other facilitators, I create a safe space for vulnerability, one that is free of judgement, so that you can let go completely.

Integrating these experiences into our Western culture is often not an easy task, yet properly applied integration is absolutely vital in order to bring about real and lasting change. To this end, as well as facilitating on site at our retreats, I run a microdosing coaching program to aid integration afterwards.

I look forward to meeting you soon.

Mush Love – Andreas

Caroline Flick

Psychotherapist and Facilitator

Caroline is our “psychedelic-assisted psychotherapist”. She combines Western medical knowledge with alternative healing methods and her own experience with psychedelics.

Hi, I’m Caroline.

My own path to my Self gave me emotional and eventually professional resources that today allow me to enrich and accompany others in their healing.

For many years I have been learning wonderful therapeutic tools that allow us to explore our suffering and encounter ourselves in a new way. For me, these tools include psychedelics. Together with my deep fascination for psychology, body and being human, it is my absolute heart’s mission to bring these tools to you and to support you in your integration work.

Psychotherapy and psychedelic experiences are a protected emotional resonance space full of unconditional love and acceptance. Here you are allowed to be yourself, with all that you have and with all that you lack. In this safe environment, you have the opportunity for a sincere and profound encounter with your Self.

My psychotherapeutic guidance will support you in developing a new, compassionate perspective on yourself and in preserving the insights of your psychedelic journey. Our collaboration can mean, for example, that together we explore and challenge the origins of destructive schemas that keep you from sincere connection with Self and life.

I work with profession and heart. As a trained alternative practitioner for psychotherapy and schema therapy, I can be a flexible and strong companion on your journey. Not only because of my profession, but because I know the painful and insightful path to mental wellbeing from very personal experience.

I look forward to our sincere encounter full of empathy, authenticity and unconditional acceptance.

 Learn more about me and my work here:

Caroline Flick Psychotherapy

Gabriele Gorsleben


Gabriele has many years of experience in facilitating groups and working with alternative states of consciousness.

Hi, I am Gabi.

I am a trained therapist and through years of working with altered states of consciousness, bring a strong sense of calm. 

The basis of my therapeutic work is my own life experience, the impulses from countless valuable encounters and the knowledge gathered in education and training. 

In women’s project work, I have counselled and accompanied many women in difficult phases of life. 

And not forgetting the direct experience of altered states of consciousness, especially with the help of Transpersonal Psychotherapy as taught by Stanislav Grof, which have shaped and changed my self-image and consequently my worldview. This opens a space for respectful encounter and loving acceptance of all aspects of our being.

Annette Fehse

Breathwork Coach

Annette is a trained Transformational Breath Coach and helps people to connect more with themselves through the power of breath.

Hi, I’m Annette.

I have lived in the Netherlands for almost 50 years and have been working as a breath coach and trainer for over 10 years.

For me, the breath is the most direct way to come fully to myself, to let the love for myself and others flow again and to break through old limiting patterns. 

In preparation for the retreat, a Conscious Connected Breath session is, in my opinion, the best thing you can treat yourself to. It opens you up to trust and surrender. 

Conscious connected breathing has led to more energy, relaxation, awareness, connection, inner strength and holistic health not only for me but also for the hundreds of coaches and trainees I have accompanied over the years. The magic of breath is an endless source of wonder and growth. I guide people individually and in groups, and also organise retreats (www.movimiento.nu).

In addition to my many years of training as a Facilitator Transformational Breath® and Consciously Connected Breathwork, I am also a certified coach/counsellor, communication trainer, mindfulness trainer and team coach. I also work as a constellator of family constellations (systemic work) and have shamanic training.

Working with the breath, psychedelics, and the collective field of consciousness is a journey that never ends once you start it, and holds incredible treasures. I see my role first and foremost as a space-holder for the development of your potential that already lies dormant within you, as well as to accompany shadow and sunny sides that still want to be felt and integrated.

I look forward to welcoming and accompanying you in the Netherlands.

Our chefs

Karolina Lankowska

Chef with passion

Karoline is a passionate cook and brings not only cooking skills but also a warm and friendly personality to support an unforgettable retreat.

Hello, my name is Karo.

My first mushroom trip was in 2020, a year that I dedicated to transformation. I finished my education and got to know myself from a completely new perspective. 

My ceremony was on the full moon and I felt like I was reborn. My perspective on many issues that had been bothering me for a long time changed drastically. I was able to forgive people I had been angry with for years. I rediscovered the beauty in the smallest things. And I came to understand that I myself create my reality.

In this journey, I also asked about my calling. What I was shown was flying spices, fruits, vegetables and a map in the background. At first, I didn’t know exactly how to interpret this.

But I soon realised that, having loved eating and cooking since I was a toddler, it pointed to my love of evoking emotions in others through cooking. Cooking for my fellow human beings, showing them how easy and delicious healthy food can be, and sending them on an inner journey through an intense taste experience, fills me with pure joy. Combining cooking with psychedelic retreats seemed the ideal solution.

In 2021, an opportunity came through a retreat company to be a caterer at their retreats. This experience more than confirmed how fulfilling I imagined this work could be. For me, to accompany people during their own change and take care of their wellbeing is deeply rewarding. 

My intention is to create the feeling of nourishment and security, so that you can truly let go.

I can’t wait to meet you and cook for you soon.

Jan Ihle


As a nutritionist and chef, Jan enriches our retreats with conscious and inventive nutrition.

Hi, I’m Jan.

I’m a good-natured, empathetic, heart-centred person interested in nutrition and consciousness development.

After two abortive attempts at university, I made the decision to make my own way through life. Now, I follow my passions and work as a nutritionist, coach and chef.

You will find me in the kitchen at the retreat. Here, together with Karolina, I will prepare wholesome vegan and vegetarian dishes for you.

I see a retreat as a valuable opportunity for dialogue with oneself in order to achieve inner peace. And as someone who is very people-focused, it is important to me that you feel safe and comfortable throughout the experience. 

I want to support you with my food and accompany you with my empathy to guarantee you a wonderful time.

I look forward to cooking for you in Holland.

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