Your Exploration Call


The path is the goal
The stations on the path to your Self

Step 1

Psychological Screening

For your safety, the first step is to take a professional medical history in case of possible contraindications to working with psilocybin.

Step 2


Your preparation starts weeks before the retreat and includes simple breathing, yoga and meditation practices shared online, as well as working on your intention.

Step 3

The Retreat

A big and courageous step. Participating in a psilocybin retreat with 10 other like-minded people, with the aim of discovering and connecting with your Self at the deepest level.

Step 4


Without integration, your experience remains only that - an experience. We are here to accompany you in the long term to help you transfer the insights you have gained into day-to-day life.

Step 5


If you are serious about committing to this path of deepest personal development, we invite you to become part of our growing community and journey even deeper together.