Why integration?

The power of psychedelics lies in their potential to shift our entire world view in a short space of time, in a way that years of talking therapy alone can fail to do. (If you want to read more about this potential and current research papers, visit our resources page). But for this very same reason, a trip – regardless of any blissful experiences of unconditional love or connection to a greater power that may have been experienced in ceremony – has the potential to be very destabilising in the days, weeks and even months afterwards. 

There often comes a growing realisation that our habitual patterns of behaviour in life – and those of others – are not in harmony with what we now feel as truth. We may be questioning the kind of person we want to be in this world, the lifestyle we desire or the job we want to do — or suddenly not do because we have a newfound desire to be of greater service to others (a concept called ‘ayni’ – reciprocity – by the Q’ero ayahuasca healers of the mountains of Peru). We are likely to feel the urge to enact changes yet have no idea where to begin. This is, essentially, a process of awakening, and must be handled with great care.

“It is a destructive process. It is the crumbling away of untruth. It’s seeing through the facade of pretence. It’s the complete eradication of everything we imagined to be true.”

Adyashanti, from his book The End of Your World

It can be a real shock once we insert ourselves back into the problems and hustle of REAL LIFE which won’t suddenly have gone away, and our nervous system responds accordingly, switching into self-defence mode. Especially as newly expanded consciousness means we can be much more sensitive than previously to what someone else is feeling, or the energies of people and environments. If we were already burnt out, stressed or struggling with mental illness, things can feel as though they get worse before they get better. 

This is why it is crucial to find ways of carefully integrating the insights we receive into every layer of our being; to learn how to regulate ourselves back to a sense of safety and ease within our new reality. And this is not just a mind process. Stress and trauma live in the body. Nervous system hyper-arousal triggers a cascade of events within the body which, if sustained enduringly, become hardwired as tension patterns in our tissues, hormonal dysregulation that fogs our perception of the world and energetic blockages in – as the yoga and ancient Chinese medicine systems call it – our subtle or energy body, all of which impact mental patterning.

Integration helps us to master our emotions and nervous response, to gather up all these new fragments of ourselves, to discern old ones we want to leave behind and to let go of who we were, which can be a real battle with the ego.

The literature around trauma and psychedelic-assisted therapy is clear: working with informed and empathetic people who can compassionately witness and mirror our process, as well as body-breath-mind practices, are hugely important tools for structured and stabilising integration. 

This is why we offer a holistic integration package including psychotherapy, micro-dosing coaching and developing a self-care practice using trauma-informed yoga. The integration team have all worked with psychedelics and have all used these tools for their own integration. 

The retreat will only be the first step on your journey, and if you decide to keep travelling with us, you can choose afterwards what your next steps will be.

Click on the profiles below to find out more about our integration team and how you can work with each of them.


The waiting time for a therapy place in the Stuttgart area is 7 months. Caroline, as a core member of our team, is at the side of every retreat participant directly after the experience, should psychotherapeutic support be necessary for integration. In addition to her extensive therapeutic toolbox and extreme empathy, Caro brings experience in working with psychedelics on the healing path.

More information about Caroline and her therapeutic approach here:

3-month psychedelic integrative psychotherapy

Psychedelic 1on1 Journeys

In addition to leading our group retreats, Alexander also guides people on individually tailored psychedelic journeys into the depths of their Selves over the course of a weekend workshop together. He holds a safe, unconditionally loving space, facilitating deepest healing.

More information and details about the process of this individual work can be obtained from a personal conversation, which can be booked on the following page:

Individual therapeutic guiding


Charlotte’s 40-day Engineer Stillness® program combines trauma sensitive bodywork, breathwork and meditation, to guide people back into their bodies and help them learn to self-regulate their nervous systems to find an inner stillness that supports a regular meditative practice. This is especially important for the integration phase of psychedelic journeys. Only once stable can we thrive. There is also a 3-month introductory program.

Find out more and book a free consultation call via the following link:

Engineer Stillness® program website

Microdosing Coaching

Having used microdosing as a tool to overcome his own depression, Andreas guided over 20 people in 2021 on personal transformational processes during various life stages and challenges.

As the founder of all about FUNGI, our organic, European-sourced, highly-bioavailable mushroom-based supplements brand, there is nothing he does not know about working with fungi.

Find out more and book a consultation with him:

3- month microdosing coaching

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