René Freyer


“My expectations were exceeded and I can’t really think of anything to improve. 

I really hope that you manage to maintain this “quality” in the future and also this personal & intimate atmosphere, which created so much security. Because this was in retrospect very crucial for a “good” or safe trip. Key point Set & Setting. I also very much enjoyed the introduction of the ceremony (with the individual “greetings”). Overall, I found everything to be on point and I never had the impression that too much was told/explained or it got “too spiritual”.”

Andreas Sali


“All the preparation for this retreat – finding out what meditation and also yoga and breathwork can do for you – was a blessing for me. I realised that I definitely don’t have asthma. And at some point during my journey, something in my chest popped open. I was able to release something from my body and I can breathe freely again. I couldn’t be happier and I thank you for that gift.

Stijepan Sucic


“The whole retreat, the whole weekend was great. Starting with the introduction, the arrival and the welcome where people were still strangers to one another. But then you go into a room that is kept safe, and feel able to present your innermost to the outside world, to people who are no longer strangers. At the end everyone feels like family. The whole setting, the guides, the house, the food, the seclusion, the support, the pre-work, the post-work – it’s very cool and thorough and I can recommend it to everyone.”

Caroline F.


“It was an irrepressible, universal intelligence that I could not grasp with what I had at my disposal. It was amazement, it was ecstasy, it was exactly what prepared me for what came next. Namely the transgenerational healing of my ancestors, to whom I lovingly owe my triggers. Through this positive charge of substance and power, I was thereafter prepared to heal the suffering of my ancestors and die for them.”

(Excerpt from the post-retreat interview with Caroline. The whole video is available on YouTube)

More Testimonials

The best experience in a long time. Moving days with a fantastic team of guides and wonderful people. I am full of gratitude!

Andreas A.,
Vienna, Austria

Full of gratitude for an unforgettable experience. The retreat team has thought of everything. Lovingly, with so much attention to detail. This allowed me to let go for the duration of the retreat and concentrate on the essentials. At the beginning of the mushroom ceremony, the most important part of the retreat, I was psychologically and physically prepared in the best possible way and was able to make the most of this highly intense experience.

Gregor S.,
Munich, Germany

Your retreat is deepest healing and transformation. Healing on a level that is beyond the possibilities of any form of therapy in this world. A level whose existence I never even imagined before. Thank you!

If you are longing for healing, if you are ready to meet your deepest depths, to finally recognise your highest heights, if you are ready to learn enough respect for psychedelic substances through your preparation…this is the right place.

Caroline F.,
Stuttgart, Germany

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