Our Venue

ZeeVELD - a green oasis of peace

Zeeveld is one of the oldest estates in Castricum, dating back to the 1820s.

Surrounded by a large nature reserve, it offers the outer tranquillity of nature as a springboard into inner silence.

Various interconnected buildings bring an individual charm and it exudes cosiness. Culinary treats for our guests are created in an ultra-modern, purpose-built kitchen and served at a communal dining table. And the lounge, featuring a fruiting fig tree, vines tumbling over the walls and a warm fire always crackling at its heart, is a calming and welcoming focal point for conversation and contemplation.

The ceremony takes place in an old chapel with high ceilings and beautiful historical architecture. Underfloor heating and a surround sound system perfectly support the psilocybin experience.

Zeeveld’s single rooms are deliberately minimalist to support simplicity and clarity, and when you look out of the window you are greeted by nothing but nature.

A huge garden with stunning views of the countryside offers ample opportunity for relaxation, along with an outdoor sauna and an icy plunge bath. 

It is a perfect, homely setting for retreat, connection, transformation and healing to take place and you feel it as soon as you step through the front gate.


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